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Below you may find answers to most frequently asked questions to our Customer Support Department.
If you can't find an answer to your question, you can contact our tech support here.

  What are the accepted methods of payment?
Agora Hosting accepts Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, Western Union and Wire Transfer. For payment details of Western Union, please contact

Do you have any refund policy?
Each of our web hosting plan carries a 5 day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our services within the first 5 days of your contract, you will be given a full refund of the contract amount excluding domain name registration, ssl certigication and web design fees.

What should I do after submitting my order?
After filling out the order form and submitting, your credit card is directly checked to see if the funds are accesible. If the card is approved, your hosting account will be set up in 2 hours.

Relevant information (FTP username/password, DNS name server settings, etc.) will be sent by email to you. .

What is your Domain Name Registration charges?
If you don't have a domain name, we provide domain name registration for domain extensions of "com", "net" and "org" for only $14.95/year. The registration period is one year. When submitting your order, you will be charged for $14.95 immediately. You may re-register your domain name each year for an additional $14.95

How long will the account setup will take?
Your hosting account details will be sent to your email address in one hour after we receive your payment.

Do the servers support ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Access, MySQL and MSSQL?
Our Windows servers support ASP, ASP.NET, PHP scripting as well as Access, MySQL and MSSQL databases.

What will happen if I exceed my monthly bandwidth quota?
All bandwidth values represent your bandwidth usage for the last 30 days. You should upgrade plan or purchase additional bandwidth in case you use more bandwidth than your plan's limit.

I have updated the DNS settings of my domain name but my web site / webspace does not work yet?
Generally, it may take up to 24 hours for DNS changes to be active all around the World.

How can I point my domain name to my hosting account?
In order your hosting account to be accessible from Internet through your domain name, your domain name's DNS name server configuration should point to AgoraHosting's name servers.

If you already have a domain name that is pointing to your previous hosting account, you should change your DNS name server addresses to the Agora Hosting's name server addresses (given below). If you don't have a domain name ( AgoraHosting can register a domain name for you. Click here for domain name registration

How can I read my email via Outlook Express?
1. Open Outlook Express. On menu, click Tools and then Accounts. The Internet Accounts window will open up, displaying all your current email accounts. Click Add and then Mail.

2. Fill in the name that you want to appear in outgoing emails for this account. Click Next. For Email Address, enter your user email address from our services, which will look like Click Next.

3. For the drop down menu, leave as the default option "POP3". For the Incoming mail field enter in mail.yourdomain.comand for Outgoing mail field enter in

4. After clicking next, type in your username ( in the Account Name field. Type your account password in the Password field. If you wish Outlook Express to remember your password (So you do not have to enter it in everytime you check your mail through it) check the box "Remember Password". Click Next, and finally, click Finish.

5. On menu, click Tools and then Accounts. The Internet Accounts window will open up, displaying all your current email accounts. Select your email account and Click Properties. On the Email Account Properties windows, click Servers tab. On this window, click My server requires authentication. Click OK.

I have just purchased a Reseller Plan. How will I be able to provide hosting accounts to my customer?
You can find a detailed tutorial on your home page of your HELM panel.

How can I enable the FrontPage support on my hosting account?
You can enable the FrontPage extensions support at your Control Panel.

In which hours of the day do you provide technical support?
During the working hours, (09:00 - 18:00) we do provide support by email, telephone and MSN. For the time except mentioned above and weekends there is always "live" technical staff who can answer your emails.

Do you have 24/7 support?
Many companies that claim they give 24/7 support, mean that you can send email 24 hours and ask for help/support. But in real meaning, it is meant that there is a real person who can answer your email and help request personally. Agora Hosting, has a responsible person available to give techinal support and open your hosting account during the most of the day (generally 09:00 - 03:00 GMT+2). All emails will be answered by the order of their arrival time.

Can I host more than one domains in my hosting account?
You can host only one domain in your hosting account except in the Reseller Plans.

Do you support IRC (Ircd Shell) hosting?
We do not provide IRC hosting or live radio boradcasting.

What are the features of your Control Panel?
We use HELM control panel which is very easy to use and supports many languages. Some of the features of our CP are as follows :
  • Creating and deleting email accounts.
  • Creating MySQL and MSSQL db
  • Creating ODBC/DSN for MS Access, MySQL and Visual FoxPro Databases
  • Enabling FrontPage extensions
  • Viewing the stats for your hosting account (AWSTATS)
  • Viewing the disk and bandwidth usage of your account

    Using FTP to upload files
    1. Open up your ftp program, if it does not open a connection window when you open it, click the button somewhere on the page that says "Connect".

    2. Fill out the needed information. Host or Server Name should be set to your FTP server ( Your username and password are the ones that have been sent you via email after your registration.

    3. Press connect and you should see lines print on the bottom of the FTP Window. You will know that you are connected when you see the Transfer complete.

    4. When you first log into the server, you will be located in your user directory. This is your root directory. You should upload all of your files (including images, html files, scripts etc.) into WWWROOT directory.

    5. To upload files onto the server, drag and drop files from your desktop to the directories on the server (Located on the right side of the screen). Or, select the files on the left (your hard drive side) and click the upload button of your software.

    What are your Nameserver (DNS) addresses?
  • Primary DNS Server: NS5.AGORAHOSTING.COM
  • Secondary DNS Server: NS6.AGORAHOSTING.COM

    Do you have phpMyadmin on your servers?
    You can reach phpMyadmin the databases page of your HELM panel.

    May I send bulk email or SPAM mail?
    All sorts of SPAM or bulk mail activity (whether the mails are 'opt-in' or 'unsolicited') will result in your account's suspension with no refund.

    What if I use my whole webspace or my bandwidth?
    If you website enlarges by the time and you need more webspace or bandwidth, you can upgrade your plan or purchase additional disk space or bandwidth at anytime by contacting us from

    I forgot my password, what should I do?
    If you forgot your Customer Password you can retrieve your password by using the "Forgot Your Password" link at the Customer Login page, and have an email sent to your email account that is recorded on our database. If do not remember your Customer Number as well, you can contact with us by email.